Below you’ll find lots of Science Week resources to use at home and in the classroom, including, recorded sessions, videos, experiments and activities


Cryptography Puzzles

Age: Suitable for Y7-Y9

Think like a Computer Scientist and put your skills in problem solving, accuracy and analysis to the test. Complete the cryptography puzzles in the document below to unlock facts about secret codes through the ages. Then download the answers document to see if you were correct and unlock further tasks!

STEM Roadshow Online

Age: Suitable for Y7-Y9

The STEM Roadshow is designed to open students’ eyes to different careers including some they may not have even heard of. This activity has been adapted to be used at home and will allow students the freedom to choose what information they would like to focus on. Questions and completed projects should be emailed to us.

Square Bubbles

Age: Suitable for primary school pupils

Learn about adhesion in this simple activity you can do at home, with just a small number of basic ingredients and equipment!

Don’t forget to share photos of your square bubbles with us on Twitter – @shuoutreach!

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Awesome experiments for students to try at home with things they can find in their cupboards! These short videos are suitable for anybody with an inquisitive mind. Younger students will need an adult to help them

Make your own Kiwi DNA

Lava Lamps

Cabbage pH Scale


Gummy Bear Osmosis

Bacterial Cultures

Rocket Balloon Car


Below you’ll find a selection of STEM videos, from Q&A sessions with academics to course insights from current students. All of these videos are suitable for students in Year 10 to Year 13.

Computing Q&A

Engineering Student – Alice

Engineering Student – Jade

Gender Gap in STEM Talk

Health Careers – Heal or No Heal

Biology Taster

Chemistry Taster

Architecture at SHU



UNI4U@Home is an online resource for future students, created by Sheffield Hallam University. It features content from subject areas as well as key higher education messages, to support young people with making decisions about their future.

Earth Learning

Learn about fossils, rock formation, volcanoes and more with fun interactive activities from Earth Learning Ideas. The website includes quizzes, experiments, fact sheets and much more to keep all ages entertained.

Steel Minions

Steel Minions is Sheffield Hallam University’s own commercial game development studio. They were the first university studio in the WORLD to release a PlayStation 4 game! Visit the Steel Minions website to learn more.

Women in STEM

The Women in STEM campaign is an initiative to showcase the different opportunities for women in the STEM sector, whilst also trying to bridge the stereotypes of STEM subjects, with the ultimate goal being to close the gender gap.

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