A science-themed challenge for Y9 & Y10 students

Age: Y9/10

Date: Tuesday 9th March

Time: 14:00 – 15:00

Location: Virtual, Zoom

This session is now full.

This interactive competition will teach student the basics of rocket science and allow them to put this into practice with a real rocket launch competition!

We will discuss how a rocket works in terms of momentum conservation and then calculate how high a rocket will climb above the ground.

The design of the rocket is controlled by each team. The PowerPoint slides we will provide will include the type of rocket dimensions we are working with, but beyond that, it is each team’s choice! They control the length of the rocket, shape and size of the fins, and the graphics of the rocket.

Scientists at Sheffield Hallam will then build and launch each of the designs!

The live testing session will be held on Tuesday 9th March 14:00-15:00

Any teams who enter will be invited to join Robin as he discusses the theory of rocket launching, reveals what happened when testing the student designs and opens the floor up to questions. The team whose rocket gets highest are the winners!

For anyone who is unable to attend the live session, it will be recorded and shared with participating teams.

This session is now full and not accepting further bookings. For session availability, please explore the rest of the website.

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